Tableau Design – Dynamic Year over Year Colours

One of the (many) limitations Tableau has when it comes to applying colours to a chart is that the colour is applied to the data as a static colour. This doesn’t work well when you want to compare year over year data. Sure, you can apply a colour data that exists in 2023, but what happens when the calendar turns to to the next calendar year? There’s no data to apply a colour to.

This is where MAX and WINDOW_MAX comes in.


  • Create Calculated Field
  • Name the new calculated field (I like to use design.MaxYear since it allows me to quickly filter any new calculations that’s specific to design)
  • Copy and paste the following code – updating [Order Date] to match your Date metric
IF max(year([Order Date]))=window_max(max(year([Order Date]))) THEN 1
  • Convert your calculation from a Continuous to Discrete
  • Drag and drop the calculation to the Colour tab
  • Apply the colours you want to the latest Year and the remaining years

You can watch the video here

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Dan Nicholson
Dan Nicholson

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