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Hello internet wanderer.

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It would seem as though you stumbled upon something truly special.

At this time, our website is bare bones. So much so that you’ll probably run into some weird 404 errors or odd formatting that doesn’t quite make sense.

You’ll have to bare with us as we start to writing our own content to bulk up this blog about marketing, sales, automation, tableau, etc.

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Dan Nicholson
Dan Nicholson

Dan is a versatile marketing and advertising professional with a passion for measuring and analyzing marketing data. His goal has always been to streamline and optimize marketing operations, track KPIs, and provide data-driven insights for any marketing team. He has worn several hats throughout his career, each contributing to his decade-plus expertise in marketing, operations, and data analysis. For a more detailed resume, be sure to check out his Linkedin account.

When he's not crunching numbers in Tableau, you can typically find him doing something active such as gardening, hiking, or curling. Dan also has a great love for community and can be found volunteering for organizations like the Fort Rouge Curling Club.

Articles: 8